Soar to New Heights: Unleash Your Potential with HDPA’s Drone Training Program

Are you fascinated by the incredible world of drones and eager to embark on an exciting journey as a certified drone pilot? Look no further! HDPA (Himalayan Drone Pilot Academy) is thrilled to announce our cutting-edge Drone Training Program, set to take off from the 2nd Week of August. Are you ready to spread your wings and join the ranks of skilled drone aviators?
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Unlocking Your Potential with HDPA

HDPA is a joint initiative brought to life by Geovation Nepal and NFL (Nepal Flying Labs). Our mission is to nurture and create pilots, or as we like to call them, “aviators,” through a comprehensive theoretical and practical curriculum. Inspired by successful UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) certification programs from around the world, we’ve adapted them to suit Nepal’s unique realities, ensuring our students receive world-class training right at home.

A Mindset of Excellence

At HDPA, we take pride in cultivating a mindset and approach similar to that of commercial airline pilots. Our aviators will be process-oriented, placing safety and sound mission planning at the core of all operations. With a comprehensive curriculum that covers safety, regulations, airspace and airport operations, weather, basic flight principles, and mission planning, our certified pilots will be fully equipped to excel in the world of drones.

Hands-On Learning: Taking Flight

We believe that practical experience is invaluable in the world of drone piloting. That’s why our theoretical course is accompanied by hands-on drone simulator training on a diverse range of drones, followed by real-world flying experiences. Our students gain practical expertise that sets them apart as skilled pilots, ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Beyond the Skies: Additional Modules

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the basics. After completing the basic pilot test and certification phase, HDPA offers additional modules in multiple thematic areas. From Disaster Management, Construction, Public Safety, Agriculture, to Environment Conservation, we provide specialized sessions tailored to your needs. This comprehensive approach ensures that our aviators are versatile and prepared to make a difference in various industries.

Empowering the Future: STEM Education

We believe in fostering a passion for technology and innovation from an early age. HDPA’s program extends its reach to promote STEM education in high schools and universities. We are dedicated to exposing young students, including those from disadvantaged communities, to the wonders of drone operations, robotics, communications, and other technical fields. This creates a solid foundation for their future careers and opens doors to exciting opportunities.

Module Overview: Your Path to Success

Join us in earning your wings in drone piloting through four comprehensive modules:

🔹 Module 1: Drone Concepts and Piloting: Dive into a 40-hour immersive training covering the fundamentals of drone technology, regulations, and expert flight maneuvers.

🔹 Module 2: Drone Photogrammetry: Unlock the potential of aerial mapping with 40 hours of in-depth instruction on aerial photography, videography, mapping, and data analysis using drones.

🔹 Module 3: Drones for Disaster Management: Dedicate 40 hours to exploring the crucial role of drones in disaster response, monitoring, and management – making a difference when it matters most.

🔹 Module 4: Customized Training Curriculum: Tailored to your needs, these specialized sessions offer varied hours of hands-on learning, integrating drones with GIS and geospatial analysis for specific industries.

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Have Questions? We’re Here to Help

If you have any inquiries or need further information, feel free to reach out to us at info.geovation@gmail.com or call +977 9845515221. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the process and ensure you have a seamless journey into the world of drones.